We guarantee continous high quality

Sanal® Sodium Chloride Pharmaceutical Quality are committed to purity our customers can rely on. Salt in its purest form and without additives plays an essential role in the pharmaceutical industry, in the manufacture medical and pharmaceutical products.

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients - API
  • Comply with the monographs of all international pharmacopoeia Ph. Eur., IP,  USP, JP, KP, Ph. Rus. and Ch. P.
  • Registered licenses for all main markets, including US DMF
  • Sanal® P Sodium Chloride Pharmaceutical Quality - API quality
  • Sanal® P+ Sodium Chloride Pharmaceutical Quality - API quality
  • Dedicated manufacturing line and finishing area - FDA accepted
  • Manufacturing based on GMP-ICH Q7 guidelines for API

Yet highly pure sodium chloride is also an indispensable component in chemical- technical applications and in the manufacture of laboratory chemicals. We guarantee that the manufacture and quality in our dedicated production facility for Sanal® meets the GMP-ICH Q7 guidelines. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) accepted us to this effect in May 2011.

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