Sanal® - Consistent high quality driven by continouous improvements

Sanal® products exceed the stringent requirements of monographs of the international pharmacopoeias. These are achieved by the consistent high quality programme and dedicated production line. Manufacturing in all processing steps is subject to strict quality controls pursuant to the guidelines for the manufacture of pharmaceutical agents (GMP-ICH Q7).

Sanal® - unique product range with different applications

Where you have to rely on purity, Sanal® offers three qualities as API (Active Pharmaceutical ingredient):

Sanal® P Sodium Chloride Pharmaceutical Quality is an active ingredient in both parenteral and peritoneal solutions and a base material for haemodialysis and haemofiltration solutions as well as other pharmaceutical applications.

Sanal® P+ Sodium Chloride Pharmaceutical Quality for specific market requirements as active ingredient like Sanal® P but meant for the Chinese and Russian market

Sanal® SQ Sodium Chloride Pharmaceutical Quality is our chemically pure product which is suitable for all pharmaceutical applications. Additionally this product is suitable for laboratory testing and chemical applications in manufacturing procees - This product comply with American Chemical Society (ACS)